Christine is a woman of faith, a sales gal for 15+ years, a mom to her mini princess, a 1st gen. college graduate, a 4th gen. Irish dancer, and a pageant gal for 20 years. Read more
Isabel is a veteran and founder of IZANA, the brand disrupting the bra industry as we know it with patent-pending options to meet the needs of ALL women. Read more
Carmela is first generation American freelance social media manager in process of starting two businesses. Read more
Randi is the creator of Surviving Mom Blog. Her hope is that her words provide support, validation, and comfort to others in their own healing journeys. Read more
Taylor is the founder of Inner Workout and the host of a personal development podcast called Be School. Read more
Courtney is Miss Nebraska State Fair 2020, she is passionate about her social impact initiative, “Be Selfless – Donate Blood,” and is an aspiring nurse. Read more
Isabella is a dreamer determined to create the life she wants for herself and her loved ones – while growing her passion for helping, mentoring, and coaching others. She made the choice to follow her passions in life, instead of societal expectations. Read more
Stef is a Chicago-based author, speaker, side-hustle entrepreneur, and full-timer in high tech/AI. She helps people and businesses get unstuck, navigate ambiguity, and achieve big outcomes while having fun along the way. Read more
Misty is a solopreneur and the owner of Love Your Life, LLC. She is an author, a speaker, a self-care specialist, and a pleasure seeker. Her story is about learning how to live life in a way that invites a deeper connection with yourself. Read more
Chelsie is the lettering artist and designer behind Lettering Works, a Chicago-based modern brand design studio that specializes in customized designs to help passions and brands shine. Read more