Megan is a university student studying law in England. She founded her own non-profit project through which she does makeup artistry to empower women, and donates 100% of funds to various charities close to her heart. Read more
Aldona is a hairstylist and single mother of two boys. Her dream was to move to the United States, and that dream came true 17 years ago, but the journey was not easy. Read more
Liz is the owner and photographer of the Chicago Boudoir Photography studio. She opened Chicago Boudoir because she believes that every woman is beautiful and deserves to feel confident through gorgeous portraits. Read more
Alyssa is a first-grade teacher and the blogger behind the Smile Without Cheese blog, a dairy free blog. She wants to help individuals who are dairy free, thinking of cutting back on dairy or those who may know someone who is lactose intolerant. Through the blog, she shares tips for eating dairy free, her favorite products, and her restaurant experiences while traveling. Read more
Emma is a law student, plus size model, and pageant titleholder. She is an advocate for body positivity and aims to show women of all ages that they do not need to conform to social ideals of body image to be confident and beautiful. Read more
Kristina immigrated to the United States when she was just eight years old. As a child she felt she did not fit in with her classmates. She went on to succeed in pageants, fashion, marketing, and law. Read more
After deciding to make a career change, Katherine found herself working 50+ hours, while in a bachelor’s program, and with a newborn baby at home. Read more
At 16, Zaneta moved to the United States from Poland. Not only did she not speak the language, she was also faced with a culture shock. Read more
Julia is on a mission to give others the opportunity to share their stories to have their voice be heard. Read more