Simply Unstoppable is on a mission to
share the stories of simply unstoppable
women to inspire and empower others.

What makes you Simply Unstoppable?

You have a unique story and deserve the opportunity to share it to
inspire and empower others. Simply Unstoppable℠ wants to share
your story and give you the opportunity to read the stories of
other simply unstoppable women.

When you share your story, there will always be at least
one person left feeling inspired and empowered by it.

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The story behind the name...

Each time we are faced with an obstacle or tough time, it may feel complicated or impossible. But we never give up. Once we overcome it, everything begins to feel simpler than before. And through that, we become simply unstoppable. 



1. in a straightforward or plain manner.
2. merely; just.



1. impossible to stop or prevent.

Simply Unstoppable

sim·ply un·stop·pa·ble
/ˈsimplē/ /ˌənˈstäpəb(ə)l/

1. describes a person who despite obstacles, simply never
gave up and thus became unstoppable

“I am simply unstoppable!”
“You are simply unstoppable!”

A letter from the founder, Julia...

Hi there! Thanks for checking out what Simply Unstoppable is all about. I’m Julia, the founder of Simply Unstoppable. I am a first-generation Polish American, and I actually didn’t speak any English until I started school. Overcoming a language barrier at no age is an easy task to do, but I am forever thankful for it because it has made me who I am today and taught me that in life, if you truly set your mind to something, you can achieve just about anything.

That mentality led me to have spent my whole life dreaming big. I don’t have goals, I have dreams. What in the world does that mean? I refer to each of my goals as a dream, because it makes it feel that much more magical when it comes true. Now being a dreamer comes with it’s caveat. People will stare at you blankly with their mouth wide open in shock, before kindly referring to your dreams as, “crazy.” This, my friends, is the best compliment one can receive.

Before Simply Unstoppable was Simply Unstoppable, it started out as another one of my dreams. I joke that I actually dreamt up the idea, because looking back the whole journey of getting here, it feels like it was so simple…or maybe that’s just because when I started, I became unstoppable?
…see what I did there…?

Okay, now for real this journey was not easy. It did not happen overnight. It actually took two whole years. In January of 2018, I was a senior in college and my college career did not feel complete. I felt like I was missing something, and that something was creating something from the ground up using the skills I learned throughout college. (Okay, in that moment I should have realized I basically wanted to be an entrepreneur but that would have made things far too easy).

Thanks to the supportive educators at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I was accepted to participate in a independent study class. It meant I was able to create my own curriculum and decide what I wanted to learn. And thus, Simply Unstoppable was born. The end.

Ha! Just kidding…what story ends like that? I spent four months working on Simply Unstoppable with the guidance of a professor, who is now a lifelong mentor of mine. I learned A LOT. I got an A in the class, but it was an epic fail learning experience. So naturally, I walked away from it. I took a job that didn’t last, then another job, but something was missing. A year later, during the summer of 2019 it hit me. I knew what Simply Unstoppable was meant to be. So I rushed into updating everything and re-launched. And thus, Simply Unstoppable was b…

Okay I get it, it was only funny the first time around. Keyword: rushed. Simply Unstoppable was yet again another epic fail learning experience. But this time, I didn’t walk away from it. I realized I had something that no one else had in the palm of my hands. I just had to take my time, take all the necessary steps and have a plan. So I got to work. For MONTHS, I didn’t leave my desk (figuratively, of course), I worked worked worked. And as they say, third times a charm, Simply Unstoppable was officially launched in January 2020.

The journey was not easy. I was faced with many obstacles. But when I look back it feels as though it were so simple. And each time I overcame an obstacle, things got easier and easier until I couldn’t be stopped. Through creating Simply Unstoppable, I became simply unstoppable.

And my wish for you is that you realize that you are also simply unstoppable. And remember: Whatever obstacle you are faced with, you will overcome. Whatever dream you have, you will achieve.
Simply, because you are Unstoppable.

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