Q&A with Isabella Bosco

Jun 26, 2020

Tell us a little bit about who you are.

I’m Isabella Bosco, born and raised in the Chicagoland area, and I have a passion for helping, mentoring, coaching others, and honestly always trying to improve myself. Change doesn’t happen unless you change things, and with certain things that have happened in my life, with my family, with my self-confidence and goals, that concept is what I’ve said to myself every day. I have an educational background in business and finance and have always loved interacting and connecting with people. I consider myself a successful, driven, eager, personable, sarcastic yet bubbly business school and finance major alumna, sports and workout enthusiast, aspiring yogi, runner, self-proclaimed “foodie, cook, baker, friend, sister, daughter, coworker, leader, confidant and most of all dreamer who wants to be there for others in a welcoming way. I have my virtual health and wellness business with Arbonne International and am a management liability insurance director by day in downtown Chicago. Arbonne presented itself to me in 2019. So many aspects of Arbonne have changed me. My outlook, my dreams, and my self-confidence changed for the better. It all started at a young age when I played competitive basketball. As a result of that and various mentors I had growing up, work ethic has always been a strength, but bluntly, self-confidence has not. I was never satisfied with my efforts, never cut myself slack in honestly any area. I was my harshest critic which yes, helped in some ways but was damaging to my emotions and mental health even more.

With student loans and deciding I want to be more than financially stable – in control of my life, I had many random jobs in addition to my full time. Social anxiety mixed with a mission to save money and pay off debt, “I didn’t have time” to see friends. We all have the same amount of time; we just each decide how to allocate it. I didn’t know it at the time, but I needed to change my mindset, be more efficient with my time, earn money, and find a way to love myself more. I would google “how to be confident”, no joke constantly, “how to effectively budget and reduce student loans”, “how to stay positive during tough family/financial times”, the list went on. I found myself in a rut of wonder, wishing for change, and honestly I felt like I was going through the motions of life putting on a cheery exterior but feeling extremely anxious inside about my future as a young woman in her early twenties. I share all of this, which is extremely vulnerable for me, because if others can relate or learn from my struggles or mistakes, then I have made a difference. I’m assuming if you’re reading this, you can relate to an uneasy feeling of the unknown, a life transition, a personal or family related issue or change. I struggled with the following not factual but emotional basically made up thoughts: If I meet up with friends I’ll feel guilty I’m spending money I could be saving otherwise, If I spend my time blowing off steam by exercising, reading, TV watching or even working to excel at my job to better myself to get out of this rut then I’m neglecting my Mom, sister, friends thus, deteriorating those relationships or even worse If I do something that makes me happy but may not be what others enjoy doings, then something is wrong with me, I’m being selfish and it isn’t worth it. I was in a weird spot between not knowing exactly what I wanted, not knowing at all what I needed and doing everything in my power to be there for others while also striving for success and growth in my career and self – two things I have always continued to yearn for. Selflessness I always used to think was putting others first and that it was the cure to everything. But in that same breath, I was self-sabotaging myself by never putting myself first. It was a result of no one else’s actions but my own and with the help of my dear friend who sat on my couch and cried with me about being so frustrated with my feelings and lack of knowing how to get through them, I put myself first, opened my mind to learn about something and then tried that something purely for myself.

Arbonne came into my life when a close friend of mine, that same one on the couch, (whom I joke “does it all” as a consultant, dog mom, marathon runner, sculpt teacher, girlfriend, the list goes on) said she found an incredible “side hustle.” Someone who wanted another source of income and honestly something I could do that may fill me up passion wise I was curious – coupled with the fact that I take this friend’s comments, life decisions and investments very seriously. She is someone I highly respect and look up to, so my ears perked up. If you know me, and you do if you’ve read this far, you know I weigh and analyze decisions carefully, but in my gut, after speaking with her and others involved in the company, I just thought, “Izzi, why not try?” There were, and I believe still are no cons to trying it or honestly anything. Failure is not a con, it is a pro and it is human. It shows you had the courage to even try and those who succeed 110% have failed before. It intrigued me because it was new and this woman whom I respected loved it – not to mention how and when you work is up to you – its efficiency model is fantastic. I started with the financial goal to make a few extra couple hundred bucks a month and a personal goal to do something for me but boy, I have found so much more than that. I have found my voice, my self-confidence and not just from the clean, healthy items the company provides that I use daily, but more so from the critical aspects of the company: personal growth, mentorship, helping others and unwavering belief in yourself.

I now see the ability to grow this business from the palm of my hand, efficiently, in place of random Instagram scrolling and TV watching to now creating a residual income. One’s efforts directly correlate to how and how quickly they succeed. Age, gender, socioeconomic background, etc., do not help nor hinder me or anyone in this business; rather, instead of trading time for money, you can exponentially grow your business at your own pace and without having to follow a hierarchical structure. Having a plan B isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of intelligence. Arbonne isn’t only another source of income; it’s a vehicle to my dreams which I have realized are attainable. I’ve realized it as this company prides itself on personal development and belief in one’s self. This mixed with the ability to financially excel without hour commitments has opened my eyes back up to dreams I didn’t realize I had suppressed prior. Some of my dreams include being a motivational speaker so others can learn from my mistakes and triumphs, starting a nonprofit welcoming high school girl and even younger to find their voices and realize that they matter, should be confident and not be so hard on themselves, making sure everyone in my family is debt-free, strictly flying first class, and being able to donate to causes without thinking twice to name a few.

Most importantly, while growing this business, I get to help people. Help them develop their businesses to assist in or be the vehicle for their dreams, help them improve their skin, their health, their sleep, their view of themselves – that is what I love. I love interacting with people – so many amazing people of all shapes, sizes, socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, goals, careers – sharing what I love and use daily with them and many to come. This makes me happy. It is the purest form of self-love and selflessness combined. Who am I? I’m a 5’7″, brunette, 24-year-old woman with a lot of life, dreams, success, people to meet and people to learn from with so much potential, success and happiness in front of her that she will not just grab, but will no doubt surpass.

What is your story?

I am one of the strongest people I know. I will persevere and never give up on her dreams or herself. I am not perfect, nor a knower of all things by any means. I am someone who believes asking for help and using your resources is extremely important as you can’t know all things but someone who now trusts herself and knows she is capable. I am competitive with myself but no longer with others from my sports days. I’m like so many 24-year-old women out there in so many ways, but I also believe that I am bound for more not because I am unique, but because I am a dreamer, I am passionate, and I am determined to create the life I want for myself and my loved ones. I am also someone who speaks of their goals and dreams as if they are already true but ask me a year ago, and that wouldn’t have been the case. A year ago, my answer to this question would’ve been vastly different, probably meeker and filled with self-doubt covering a fire that has always burned within me. Belief in yourself sets the tone for your relationships, success, and happiness. If anyone can tell you that it is me because I’ve seen both and do daily but honestly, it is you too. We have all had moments of both. So realize that you have had that belief in yourself at least once at some point. You are capable of it and I am capable of it. So your and my stories are bound to be filled with it – especially if you consistently work towards making it a habit.

What was it like to transition from college to the “real world”? How did you grow as a person?

It is something I don’t think people talk about enough. My transition was interesting with a different family dynamic, learning how to balance my finances, doing my job to the best of my abilities and showing up eager and ready to learn. Don’t forget balancing a social life when you’re no longer 3 feet away from your best friend or three blocks from the local watering hole. But the most important thing I learned was that there isn’t one nor the right way to do anything.

The unknown of if you’re on the right path, adjusting okay and balancing the right way all pop into people’s heads, including mine now and then. But what is the “right” path? Being “okay”? The “right” way? Over the past few years post-grad, I’ve realized there isn’t a sure way to be, and there isn’t ‘normal’ – there’s just you and whom you want to become. Who cares if you’d rather watch a movie than go to a bar until 4 am? Who cares if you love your job where you continuously travel while your best friend from college thrives from her 9-5 pm desk job or your cousin can only imagine rushing around a hospital as a med school student? And who cares if the cliques fade. Friendships are still there! They may evolve just as other ones come and go. But just because you don’t discuss the bar gossip like you used to or that one friend goes to you for career advice and your other friend for relationship advice does not mean you aren’t as close or one friend is better than the other. I feel like I grew as a person during this time because I realized (by purely just trial and error of everything) what I, Isabella, like, dislike, want, am good at, could improve on, etc. makes me not “the typical 24-year-old” because guess what – that doesn’t exist. The comparison game benefits no one, which I didn’t realize until recently, but I am so glad I did.

Looking back, what do you know now that you wish you knew back in college?

I would tell my college self that she matters. Being there for others is essential, but being there for yourself sets the groundwork for everyone even better. That there isn’t such a thing as a wrong or right choice. That there is no such thing as something people in their 20s do or like or shouldn’t do. Even if you got burned in the past, you are still a worthy and good person. Those moments of people turning on you do not correlate with the intentions of the people you have yet to meet. There is NO timeline for ANYTHING! Yes, have goals and mile markers and continue to pursue dreams, but I don’t believe in giving yourself time constraints. Nothing is permanent either—both in good and bad ways. Again, if you want something to change, then make a change. Most importantly, you can’t take people’s opinions personally because what people say is frequently a reflection of their issues. Oh, and with that, always assume best intentions. People are going through things that you aren’t even the slightest bit aware of, so cut others and yourself a little slack.

How did you uncover your passion for helping individuals improve their quality of life through Arbonne?

In a nutshell, I recommend the business and the products I have via Arbonne to others. I’m one who only pursues what she believes in, and when I do, I love to share with others! The texts and messages from people elated that they now fit into their favorite jeans, their skin has never looked better, they are no longer feeling run down and tired, they were able to pay for a flight/trip, childcare or even rent with their income and have found a community they did not realize they wanted, needed or even existed from their Arbonne business – those are what make me smile. To answer the question head-on, I uncovered it by trying it out and seeing what happened – a new experience. There really is no other way to find a passion in my opinion.

By purely sharing what I like, use, and have found not only a part-time job that is on my own time, has no requirements or hourly musts but guidelines you get to fit your lifestyle, but a community full of amazing people and I found a lot of myself. This is the power of recommendations – which we all make daily – so I thought wow, the fact that anyone can do this, and I have had such awesome things from this, how can I not share with others? And the cherry on top, by doing just that, I get to grow a business from the palm of my hand, my own business. At first, I thought “oh I am too busy so how will this work”? This makes me laugh so hard now. What is busy? No one is too busy for anything. We all purely are choosing where to spend our time as we all have the same amount of it. From my experience, those who go on and on about how or too busy they are, are usually the exact opposite. Not only that, but the busiest people are some of the most successful people in Arbonne that I’ve seen. Those who have full plates find a place for everything and are in fact, more efficient because they have to be. Think of the people you know who you think of as successful. And now think of the people you know who you think of as busy. I bet a lot of them have been placed in both categories. I set aside time for my friends, family, full-time career, workouts, reading, etc. and I do the same thing for Arbonne because I am doing others a disservice by not sharing this opportunity with them. It is not for everyone and trust me, I know and respect that, but it is for people who don’t even know it yet – like me. I thought it was Airborne before I was open-minded enough just to learn more. Now I, like my friend whom I thank god each day for introducing me to it, educate and share what it entails with others with no strings attached. I am honest and open and speak from my own experience because this has helped me and those around me in so many ways. Continuing to do that is what can create that ripple effect of positivity for myself and for others – both equally crucial life.

How has following your passions, instead of “social expectations” changed your life?

It has drastically changed my life. Living according to the fake “norm” society has created or that anyone makes up in their head is silly. Doing what you want and enjoy in life benefits everyone, so why not! Do the thing you’ve always been scared of because the worst thing that could happen is it doesn’t work the very first time you try it. And guess what – you just try again. I wouldn’t believe in or love myself if it wasn’t for following my passions and ignoring social expectations. .

You are not only following your passions, but you are doing it in a way to build and create your dream life. What advice do you have for others who want to get started but may not know how?

Honestly, be open-minded. Don’t assume or make preconceived judgments on people, on jobs, on career paths, or even on experiences. When someone asks if you want to learn about something – say yes! There is no harm in hearing info and learning about something new because the worst case is that you are now more informed than before! And use your network to be inquisitive and curious. If you’ve been curious about what I do even for a split second, just ask me! I don’t bite, love to get to know and help people if I can, am an open book, and I’m happy to share info on anything I’ve been through or do. Also know that I will never claim I know something I do not. Realize that info is only info – and that’s it. It’s not a commitment, it is not signing on a dotted line, and it rarely has any strings attached. A huge one I believe in is to meet new people. They don’t have to be your best friends, but you’ll honestly never know who could become one, who could be a mentor, mentee, who could see a guy who knows a guy who does what you’ve always dreamed of doing. You never know whom you can help or who can help you. Connections and networking made the world go round! And personally – reading personal growth books, I believe, will help your mindset and your belief in yourself. If you think that sounds cliché and you just groaned, I did that exact groan for probably 22 years. To me, consistently (not constantly, there is a difference), reading, speaking and/or visualizing personal growth is the groundwork to being a happier and successful person in whatever way one defines both of those things. I say my goals as if they are achieved, and I write them down every day, all ten (thousands more have, do and will exist but I focus on ten at a time). I write each day what I have accomplished/am proud of and do the same. It’s not about time; it’s about consistency.

Positive words are hands-down, an essential part of my growth. The motivation app may sound silly to you, but it is incredible. Reading a positive quote and speaking positive words aloud to myself consistently has aided me immensely. Disclosure: know that these are things I do daily because every day I am working on myself. I’ve probably said the word consistency a thousand times but I really do believe in it with everything I do. On an off or scared or blah day, the consistent habits you build will be what makes that blah day less blah, but also, the bounce back to a good day will be that much more comfortable as a result.

What inspires and drives you to keep moving forward?

I’ve always been someone who moves forward by nature. I love growing and learning and continuing to push myself to my best self and life because if I don’t try or put in the work, how will my life change or progress? I call what truly inspires and drives me my Why. I like to think of all the things I want to try and do in a day and keep asking like a little kid, “but why?” Rachel Hollis takes full credit for this (a role model of mine), and it’s honestly refreshing. For example, I work out in the morning (but why) because I like to start my day that way (but why) because I am more productive and happier (but why) because I feel accomplished and my endorphins are pumping (but why) because I have mental and physical health goals (but why). I think those lead to a more successful me (but why) because I want to accomplish big things (but why) because I want to be financially independent and comfortable (but why) so I can give back to others and those who have helped me (but why) because my mom has given my so much and she deserves to have the world. Ding ding ding! My family is one of my ‘whys.’ My mom is my rock, and is why I am who I am today. She and the future I want are two examples of what keep me going. Self-sufficiency and being happy are other whys of mine, which I could honestly dig deeper into with that same exercise. My work and getting out of my comfort zones will assist in propelling me towards my desires, so my future self is honestly my crucial why. Every day I think of my why(s). They propel me to consistency, which results in habits, which results in results! I highly recommend people do this with things if they are feeling stuck on a health goal, work goal, relationship goal, etc. because getting down to that why and reminding yourself of that why daily is what will inspire you and keep you moving forward.

What are your hopes and ambitions for the future?

I am not doing this to be arrogant or all-knowing, but I do like to say these as if they’re already correct, so I write them as “I am” statements. A phrase I love is if you wanted something badly enough, you would have it already. I.e. want is the lowest form of desire. My hopes and ambitions include being a National Vice President with Arbonne – not for the title but for the direct correlation of helping thousands of people as a result, for having grown a business organization full of inspiring, committed and vastly unique business builders too, for having this result in paying off each of my family members debts, for having this be the commercial vehicle to write a book, donate to charities more and more often, travel the world, live my days on my terms, and be able to earn back time vs. exchanging it 1 for money – and the list goes on. I am ambitious to live in my dream house, not blink when bills are due, coach others, speak publicly to thousands of people across the world, have a supportive, driven and exceptional husband one day, be an exceptional mother one day, give back to my exceptional mother, the list goes on and on and on I could write for hours. And honestly, I am ambitious to never stop acquiring more and new hopes and dreams. I am ambitious to be always learning, growing, meeting new people, bettering myself, and bettering others.

What does being Simply Unstoppable mean to you?

Simply Unstoppable to me is what everyone should tell themselves that they are in the mirror every day. To me, simply unstoppable means you genuinely believe, there’s no surprise, doubt, nor question and unstoppable means the ability for outside forces have no ability to stop whatever it is that you do. I honestly did struggle with self-confidence being extremely hard on myself from a very young age. I still do and am sometimes because no one is perfect. But as a result of everything I’ve shared today, I can honestly say with my whole heart that I am simply unstoppable and everyone out there is. You are unstoppable, and if you don’t believe that, it’s not because of your circumstances or your peers or their opinions it is because of you. The only person who can truly get in your way is you. So consistently tell that person in the mirror that you are, and they are simply unstoppable. If you say and believe it – then simply what could ever stop you?

How can readers get in contact with you to continue this conversation?

Don’t just follow me on Instagram, but direct message me! @izbosco. Email me at [email protected] ! I love to connect and chat with people! If I can do anything or reach for any goals I’m reaching for, then so can you. Especially with Arbonne, people just like you and me do this every day – nothing is stopping you from doing the same. Communicating with me is non-committal, as I am here to share info, stories, laughs, struggles, advice, jokes, whatever. I am happy to have awesome people join my Arbonne team. If you’re taking the time to read and become familiar with Simply Unstoppable and Julia who inspires me so much it is crazy then I think we should chat. Requirements for being on my team: being coachable and curious. Start being curious today – what’s the worst thing that could happen?