Guide Chapter 1: Write Your Own Story

Mar 17, 2022

Welcome to your guide on being simply unstoppable!

In each chapter, you can expect content, tips and tricks to help guide you in being simply unstoppable. Each chapter will focus on a topic with ways to implement it into your life.

Being simply unstoppable is a never ending, lifelong journey. Each day is an opportunity to become a better version of yourself. This guide will serve as an ongoing reminder to keep pushing yourself, and to never give up.


Chapter #1: Write your own story.


Begin by asking yourself these questions:

Who am I?
Describe yourself using adjectives.

What is my story?
Reflect on the moments in your life that have made you who you are today.

Is this the story I want for myself?
Reflect on where you are at currently and where you are headed.

Each one of us has a story. Some parts of that story are in our control, and others, are not. But what is always in our full power is how we react to the moments that make up our story. We often forget we are in control of ourselves and our minds. We can make decisions and make changes in our lives. It is crucial to note, that some of those decisions will not be easy and may even feel impossible, until we begin to take actions toward our dreams. The first step in becoming simply unstoppable is to accept that you have the power to write your own story.

Who do you want to be?
What story do you want to tell?
Is there something in your life you want to change?

Are you headed in a direction you don’t want to be headed in?
Are you struggling with where you are at right now?
Do you have no idea where to begin?
Are you afraid?

You are not alone. And, you can take action to make a change and write your own story. Do not let those around you dictate who you ought to be and how you ought to live your life. Every day, you make decisions. The decision to get up. What to wear. What to eat. What to listen to. Who to talk to. Where to go. What to surround yourself with. How to treat yourself. Each of these decisions are you writing your story. If you were to make one different decision, how would that change your story?

If you never try, you’ll never know.

In this chapter, become aware of the decisions you make and actions you take each day.

How do these actions factor into who you are?
How will they affect you in the long term?
Are they bringing you closer to your dreams?

Take 10 minutes today to journal. Write about how you are feeling in your life right now. Write about the actions and decisions you are making. Reflect on how these are affecting your story. Then, take 5 minutes to journal about your dream story. Spend this chapter in reflection. Observe yourself and the actions you take and how those influence your current story.

What do you want your life to look like each day?
What actions do you want to take each day?
Who do you want to be?

Click here to download the “Who Am I?” exercise.

& check back in for the next chapter to learn how to begin taking actions to write your story. It will feature a downloadable exercise to guide you in your journey to being simply unstoppable.